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Lugar do Covelo, Várzea de Trevões parish, Douro.
Growing conditions:
Non-irrigated, at an altitude between 350 m and 500 m above sea level on ground with a slope of around 50%, facing south. The soil is shale.

Madural, Cobrançosa, Galega, Verdeal and Negrinha de Freixo.

Average of over 100 years.
Cultivation operations:
Weeds are controlled by ploughing
The olive trees are pruned every two years to control flowering and encourage good development of the olives.
No synthetic fertilisers or plant health products are used.

Picking and extraction:
The olives are picked in the traditional manner, by hand with poles, from mid-November. Any trees whose fruit has ripened abnormally or which is unhealthy are rejected during the harvest.
Oil is extracted by cold pressing, using mechanical processes.

Technical notes:
Acidity: 0,5%
Peroxide level: 8
Wax content:  <= 250
Absorbances:  K232:1.77
                        Delta K: -0,001
2000 ml and 5000 ml plastic containers and box of 12 x 500 ml glass bottles.